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VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review and Bonus

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review and Bonus

Here is Review of JVZOO Product with topseller status. Top Rated Review with insane article full video and image proof. Go to Full article sources for complete review. I Hope you enjoy with this Review.

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – how to to create viral videos using just a keyword

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Jvzoo Wso by Abhi Dwivedi Review

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access by Abhi Dwivedi is best product

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access is a brand-new technology that automatically find viral video clips from Facebook and YouTube based on your keyword and creates a “viral compilation” videos using those trending viral clips…and publishes them to Facebook natively for maximum traffic, views, viral exposure and future positivity to make money from Facebook’s revenue sharing!You can even save these videos and share them on your own website, on Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere else online!

VidBuilderFX Is Your MASSIVE SHORTCUT To Creating Viral Videos…That Get So Much Traffic, It Would Make VIDEO GURUS Green With Envy!Now you have a truly unfair advantage when it comes to getting traffic and video views…by cranking out free viral videos in under 15 seconds…and raking in clicks and cash like crazy.No more guessing what “might” go viral…Thanks to VidBuilderFX, it’s way easier for your videos to go viral… because you’re compiling video clips that are already trending and have already gone viral!Just enter a keyword and in less than 15 seconds… you’ve got your own “viral compilation video” packed full of proven viral video clips, ready to start raking in free traffic, shares and cash on Facebook, or anywhere else online.And believe me…Forget boring “how to” videos that everybody else is creating — the real secret to getting thousands of free views is with viral videos!Now you can create your first viral video in seconds from now, by compiling other trending videos into your own “highlight reel” of viral videos…… and instantly start getting views, clicks and cash!

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – how to to create viral videos using just a keyword will give you a lot of benefit.

Download VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access here :

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – how to to create viral videos using just a keyword VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access review

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access

More Video

Creating Videos For Your Marketing Has NEVER BEEN EASIER!

Step #1 – Enter a keyword
VidBuilderFX will automatically scan the web for the most trending and popular publically available video clips around your keywords and curate them to create a video for you, all automatically within few seconds.

Step #2 – Choose whether to create a single video or multiple videos all at once, then hit GO…
…and boom, VidBuilderFX automatically finds high quality, trending and popular video clips from across the web (or you can import your own clips as well) and create the videos for you.

Step #3 – Customize the Video & Publish
Easily add your text on each video clip, add an into-outro slide, add background music, use Text-To-Speech to add voice-over and more. And then instantly publish the video on your Facebook Fanpages or Groups or Profile. You can even save the video on your computer to publish it elsewhere.


Create Videos From a Single Keyword
Just drop in a keyword you want to get traffic for, and VidBuilderFX will automatically create a video-clip compilation type video based around that keyword! It will automatically find popular and trending video clips from the web and curate them into your video!

Automatically Create 100s of Videos with 1-Click
Choose 1 or 100 videos to create, at the push of a button. VidBuilderFX can create 100s of videos based about the same keyword…all unique and different in their own way, ready to help you mass publish tons of videos and dominate your niches on Facebook, YouTube or Google!

Add Transitions, Image Filters and effects
Make your videos compelling and more engaging by applying in-built effects and transitions that can be applied seamlessly.

Add Intro & Outro Slides
Put your branding to work in every video by setting up custom intros and outros for every video your create. Gets you that high-end production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.

Fully Customize the Videos
Add Intro & Outro Slides, Transitions, Image Filters and effects and truly make your videos grab people by the eyeballs!

Add Your own music, Use Text-to-Speech or choose from our library of music
Easily choose background music from our library or use our Text-To-Speech technology to create voice-over from your scripts to give your videos the professional shine they deserve, and keep people engaged from start to finish!

Automatically Upload to Facebook Pages, Groups or Profile
no need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to your Facebook Pages, Groups or Profile right from your dashboard!

Spin Caption When Upload multiple videos
Totally dominate any niche with automatically spun titles and descriptions for each video uploaded. Makes each video unique.

Fully automatic, 100% Control
Just set it up and it will churn out videos one after another without you having to monitor or stare at progress bars. Plus you can change absolutely anything you want at any point of time.

Create Multiple Income Streams In Seconds From Now!

Your viral video can also…

  • Drive free traffic to CPA offers and affiliate review websites
  • Ramp up your Shopify ecommerce store
  • Send tons of traffic to your optin page and rapidly build your list
  • Create a constant stream of local leads for clients — and put fat pay-checks in your pocket every single week!

And with VidBuilderGX, you can…Click Posting To Facebook To INSTANTLY BOOST VIDEO TRAFFIC…And Go Viral Fast…

Right now, posting your video to Facebook is one of the fastest ways to make it go viral fast.

There’s more engagement on Facebook – videos stand out like a sore thumb on Facebook, and get tons more engagement as a result.

Facebook is made for viral videos – nobody visits Facebook to read boring ‘how to’ blog posts — they want to watch viral videos and share them with friends!

There’s less competition on Facebook – most people are still posting articles and blog posts or boring how to videos — which means you can totally clean up with just 1 viral video!

Facebook videos get 8 billion views per day – now is the perfect time to get your videos on Facebook and start cashing in, before the rest of the world catches on.

Until Now, You’ve Been Locked Out Of The Viral Video Goldmine. But That’s About To Change Forever…

Thanks to VidBuilderFX, creating viral videos just got a million times easier… and faster…

  • You don’t need to slave over storyboards, scripts, or templates.
  • You don’t need to “guess” what might go viral.
  • You don’t need to hire video experts.
  • You don’t need any creativity.

  • You don’t need fancy cameras or slick studios.

Uploading just 1 of these VIRAL VIDEOS could change your life forever…

  • You could use it to pocket hundreds of dollars per week from Facebook & even YouTube’s revenue sharing program (when FB’s program is released to the public…)
  • Or kick open the doors to unstoppable stampedes of traffic for your affiliate offers, products, services, books, webinars or podcasts…
  • You could become a local marketing GENIUS with the power to get clients insane traffic, leads and sales with their own viral videos… and get paid a small fortune for every project…

You can even add your own text-to-speech audio narration!

Want to customize your viral video? Now you can, with advanced text to speech technology that quickly adds a narration to your video, making it truly unique.Just enter your text, and let VidBuilderFX automatically narrate a voiceover for your video!

Upload to Facebook pages, groups or profiles

It takes just seconds to get your video onto Facebook — whether it’s on a Facebook Page, in a Group or on your own Profile — uploading your viral video to Facebook is dead simple.Upload with a single click, straight from the VidBuilderFX dashboard.

Download your video and upload anywhere online

Want to share your video somewhere outside of Facebook? Now you can! Just tap to download your viral video ready to upload wherever you want.

You’re Fully Protected By My 100%, 30-day Viral Video Guarantee!

I guarantee that you won’t find an easier way to create viral videos than with VidBuilderFX. Hands down.But if for some weird reason, you can’t create a proven “viral video compilation” that brings in thousands of free views, tons of clicks, and bags of cash from Facebook’s revenue sharing program…and if you don’t slash weeks of guesswork, and hundreds of dollars on complicated video tools…or if you simply decide this isn’t everything I’ve promised and more…then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period. No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access : FAQ

Q. 1. Does VidBuilderFX violate copyright?
No, it does not violate any copyright at all. VidBuilderFX curates publish trending video clips and gives you the ability to give the proper credits in the end. If you wish, you can check the source of the video clip used and change the slide if you wish to.

Q. 2. Is there training in the members area on how to use VidBuilderFX?
Yes! We have step by step video tutorials as well as PDFs, so however you like to learn we have you covered. The members area is also fully responsive so you can watch from your phone, tablet or laptop with total ease.

Q. 3. Does VidBuilderFX work on Mac?
Yes! VidBuilderFX works perfect fine on Mac and PC, both!

Q. 4. How many videos can I create with VidBuilderFX?
You can create as many videos as you like, up to 500 videos per day, using VidBuilderFX. If you need to create more than 500 videos per day, simply drop us a ticket on our support desk and we’ll help you upgrade.

Q. 5. I have more questions, how can I reach you?
You can contact our support desk at http://ift.tt/KFwex8 just please be aware that during launch (May 15th – May 22nd 2017) it can be very busy, but we try our best to reply within the shortest possible time.

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Download VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access here :

VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – how to to create viral videos using just a keyword VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Review

Get VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Now! buy VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access now and you can save money and work hours. VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access Jvzoo Wso by Abhi Dwivedi Review

Yes!! I want to get VidBuilderFX Multi Lifetime Access :

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