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LeadXplode System Review and Bonus

LeadXplode System Review and Bonus

Here is Review of JVZOO Product with topseller status. Top Rated Review with insane article full video and image proof. Go to Full article sources for complete review. I Hope you enjoy with this Review.

LeadXplode System Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – best lead capture page system for wordpress plugin

LeadXplode System Jvzoo Wso by Neeraj Agarwal Review

LeadXplode System by Neeraj Agarwal is best product

LeadXplode System is the details of about 2.2+ billions people who have saved their data online over the cloud, in just a single click. Now forget the manual form filling as we’ve automated the system with autofill feature. No other System has a collection of these Power-Packed Functionalities. A lead refers to the generation of prospective customer who is interested in your products or services . Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. Lead usually is the contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a prospective customer. Building a list of potential customers is an ultimately business builders for your business opportunity.

This powerful LeadXplode system can enhance your LEADS 5X times more without you having to do anything special and that too from existing traffics.Let us xplore some statistics: On an AVERAGE, 78% of the people from around the world use mobile phones. And these mobile users DRIVES 56% of the web traffic to top sites. Irony being, only 9% of websites have a fully mobile OPTIMIZED lead capture system. What if you can tap the details of about 2.2+ BILLION people who have saved their data online over the cloud, in just a single click? Yes, this is possible indeed. Details of your visitors like name info and email can be exported from networks like facebook and G+ in an instant and saved in the backend for further view & contacting.Some of the giant’s networks like Pinterest Quora etc are already doing it for their signup forms. How about you do it for your lead capture forms…There also exist a colossal number of platforms like Pinterest, ehow, nytimes etc that export the data directly onto the lead form. We offer you the same feature with LeadXplode that will AUTOFILL your data from these platforms and instantly save it.

LeadXplode System Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – best lead capture page system for wordpress plugin will give you a lot of benefit.

Download LeadXplode System here :

LeadXplode System Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – best lead capture page system for wordpress plugin LeadXplode System Review

LeadXplode System review

LeadXplode System

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Presenting World’s 1st Automated Lead Capture System

Instantly tap into the database of more than 2.2 billions social profiles to grab leads.

1. Custom Lead Form
2. Social Autofill
3. Prebuilt Color Template
4. Email Notification
5. Organized Backend Panel
6. Google Captcha Code
7. Export email list csv Formate
8. 3 Landing Page Template
9. Integrated Lead Capture System
10. Mobile & Conversion Optimized System

LeadXplode System OTO / upsell :

Front End : LeadXplode System
A entirely new automated system that will increase you. This system is suitable for marketers, business owners and traffic seekers.You will get conversion optimized lead capture form interaged with social autofill feature. Plus 3 power-pack landing page templates bundle.

OTO1 : Enhanced LeadXplode System
In OTO1 we’re giving LeadXplode system with enhanced and
additional features which will help you to take out maximum benefit from each client.Advanced appointment module includes email marketing feature, lead auto save, 2 more templates of landing page and so on…

OTO2 : Enhanced LeadXplode System With Reseller License
In OTO2 we’re providing Reseller license of the enhanced LeadXplode System. You can resell the product and keep the 100% profit with you. Plus 5 lead gen high converting lading page WordPress template bundle.

LeadXplode System Features :

Custom Lead Form- Create customized lead capture forms with form builder. No coding, no fuss, just easy custom fields to tailor your lead capture form and make it effective.

AutoFill Feature- This feature will automate your lead capture with social autofill, your customer data can be exported from social platform like Facebook and Google and enhances the data entry process.

Prebuilt Color Templates- LeadXplode comes with 9 sets of pre-built color template, choose the one that suits you best. Just select the color from given option.

Insert Email Address- Insert email addresses where you want to get the notification of leads. You can insert multiple email ids and receive notifications on each.

Email Notification- Send welcome email or subscription email to your customer. Your customers will notify automatically as soon as they subscribed themself.

Proper Backend Panel- There is a proper and well managed backend panel. You can view all your leads and also download the csv to make your data easily available in your system.

Google Captcha Code- LeadXplode is integrated with Google Captcha to prevent spamming of your data. You can turn on/off this feature.

LeadXplode System Benefits :

  • Easily Integrated With Your wordPress Theme on Which Your Website Is Running
  • Mobile Optimised Form In A Single Framework WiM Less Hassle
  • Convert anonymous welosite visitors into marketable leads just in a click
  • Make lead capturing process super .5, and quick
  • Get list of Hu.reds a. Thousa.s of high qualified sales leads
  • Send unlimited Traffic to your website and offers
  • Your Engagement will be SO Times more Powerful than Present
  • Grow your business every month

Notable Features Worth Mentioning

Conversion Focused
Collect leads instantly and start selling your services.

3Unique Designs
Create awesome landing pages using five beautiful layouts.

Customizable Leads Form
Create any kind of Form via FormGet

All These Landing Pages for the Price of One

This yummy piece of cake is not for selected ones but for every business.Variant is a synonym of endless possibilities.

And here are some live examples.

1. Tour & travel industry
Let’s say you’re a tour organizer.You’d require to showcase your tour
destinations and packages, and let the interested people make bookings for the tour packages directly from your website.

2. Beauty, Health & fitness Industry
Create a custom form with required fields you need to accept online bookings from your clients to your fitness club.

3. Wedding and Dating Industry
Get your wedding planning business on smooth track. With a comprehensive booking system you can help clients tell you all their choices and preferences and thereby you can serve them better.

Reasons Why Variant is Your Best Choice?

  • Save Time & Frustration- Stop wasting your time and nerves
    going back and forth from edit mode to viewing mode.
  • Enjoy PreBuilt Page Designs- Save time and struggle in guess
    work to perfect page when you can get it all in matter of click with 3 prebuilt pages templates.
  • Save Money on Design Cost- Add highly converting marketing page templates to your site instantly, saving yourself 1000s of dollars on design costs.
  • Precision Content Placement- The content blocks are placed at right position keeping UX & UI in minds, now you don’t have to struggle with content.

The LeadXplode Lifetime Access Provides

1. LeadXplode Membership PLan- World’s 1st & Only Lead Capture System To Get More Leads, Traffic, Engagement & Sales In Your Business Using Your Website Traffic.
2. Custom Lead Gen Form- Create lead gen forms with custom fields, insert it in any pages/posts. Capture leads instantly and stored in WordPress dashboard.
3. Landing Page Templates- Get a powerful and coversion optimized landing page WordPress bundle. A Powerful Package with effective marketing Equipments to Boost your Business.
4. Powerful admin Panel- Powerful and easy to use admin panel to set up and customize your lead gen form and Landing Page templates without going near any code.
5. Instant Setup- The LeadXplode plugin and landingpage comes with one click installation process. The entire solution is easy to setup and customize according to own needs.
6. Conversion Optimized System- A powerful package with effective marketing equipments to give boost to your business. Drive search traffic to your page, collect leads and sell your business services.
7. 24/7 Support Team- Got questions? For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with our friendly support staff, who will resolve all your problems instantly. This is Support Link.

Download LeadXplode System here :

LeadXplode System Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – best lead capture page system for wordpress plugin LeadXplode System Review

Get LeadXplode System Now! buy LeadXplode System now and you can save money and work hours. LeadXplode System comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. LeadXplode System Jvzoo Wso by Neeraj Agarwal Review

Yes!! I want to get LeadXplode System :

download LeadXplode System

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